About us

After they had been looking for the perfect location for a very long time, Florian and Tobias found just the right spot for their dream restaurant at the end of 2017 right next to the Augarten in the 2nd district of Vienna. By officially taking over the former “Ü-Lokal” in January 2018, they managed to finish reconstruction quickly, which allowed for the re-opening of “Ignaz Jahn” in February 2018.

Our values

We attach great importance to enjoying food that does not neglect societal responsibility. Therefore, we focus on:

Regional products

First of all, regional products don’t just taste better, they also assure sustainability. Our dishes are made of regional ingredients for the most part. Of course, some special ingredients have to be imported though.

Moreover, we highly value adequate livestock farming and animal welfare. Thus, the meat for our dishes is provided by local farmers, that deliver highest quality meat via the shortest route.

Seasonal products

Second, seasonal products have a rich taste and are more environmentally friendly. We respect that certain ingredients for our delicious meals only grow at a certain time of the year and are therefore not available all year round.


Last but not least, we highly value diversity in every aspect. Our society is diverse and that’s what we love about it. By offering a great variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes, we are trying to suit every taste and preference.  Everyone is welcome at Ignaz Jahn!

Who is Ignaz Jahn?

Iganz Jahn has been an idol to the restaurant’s owner in many respects. Most of all, he was a fantastic chef and Viennese restaurant owner during the Habsburg empire. Born in 1744 in Hungary, he was employed by the Austrian-Habsburg monarchy at Schönbrunn Palace and later in the Augarten.

Given his excellent taste in food and his extraordinary talent for cooking Austrian cuisine, Ignaz Jahn’s name seemed more than appropriate to Tobias and Florian for their newly founded restaurant.

A venue for everyone

It is immensely important to us, that our restaurant is a place of openness and acceptance. Vegans, children, dogs,… you name it… everyone is welcome at Ignaz Jahn!

With pride, we welcome:

  • families
  • LGBTIs
  • vegans and vegetarians
  • members of all religions
  • animals
  • and everyone else!
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