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We have a special menu sets for lunch, that we serve between 12am and 4pm or as long as they last. Or just try something from our all-day-menu! 🙂

Hint: Ask our waiters for the Special of the day. Mostly we have some other dishes that are not in the menu.


We offer weekly-changing lunch set menus. Unfortunately we do not have the lunch set menus in English. Please check the German link (and translate with Google Translate or similar).


Next to our lunch sets, we offer an all-day menu that always has a a seasonal offering. You can enjoy dishes from this menu until 10pm. After 10pm the kitchen is closed, after that we still love to serve you drinks.



with sliced pancake, noodles or semolina dumplings
€ 4,20

Soup of the day

Please ask the waiter for the soup of the day.
€ 4,20

Tomato cream soup

with croutons
€ 5,20


Beef Tartare

with toasted baguette and rocket salad
€ 11,80

Baked feta cheese

in roasted pumpkin seeds on a mixed salad
€ 7,40

Beef tongue

with apple horseradish and celery spreadmit frischem Apfel-Kren und Sellerie-Creme
€ 7,90


with rocket salad, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and lemon vinaigrette (Vegan without parmesan cheese)
€ 6,40

Main courses


from paork with parsley potatoes
€ 11,80

Minced veal butter schnitzels

comes with mashed potatoes and onion sauce
€ 14,10

Traditional Viennese Goulasch

from beef with dumplings
€ 12,20


prime boiled beef comes with spinach, hash browns, chives sauce and apple horseradish
€ 17,10

Roast beef with onions

comes with roasted potatoes and onions
€ 18,60

Viennese breaded fried chicken

one half, comes with potato salad with corn salad and pumpkin seed oil
€ 12,60

Paprika chicken

comes with spaetzle
€ 10,40

Breaded chicken stripes

on salad with pumpkin-seed oil
€ 10,60

Grilld pike-perch fillet

with home-made gnocchi in horseradish cream sauce
€ 18,60

Cold platter

a bit of all cold cuts finely garnished with dark bread
€ 11,60

Austrian sandwich

a bit of all finely garnished on dark bread – vegetarian option available!
€ 6,40

Sour sausage

thin slices of sausage with vinaigrette with pickles, onions and dark bread
€ 8,10

Beef salad

from boiled fillet with runner beans, onion and dark bread
€ 9,60

Chantarelles risotto

with chicken breast (veggie option available – see vegetarian courses)
with pikeperch filet instead of chicken € 18,70
€ 16,10

Vegetarian & Vegan main courses

Fried mushrooms

with potatoes, lemon thyme, and vegan mayonnaise
€ 12,30

Cheese spaetzle

with salad
€ 13,40

Fried dumplings with egg

with a salad
€ 8,90


stuffed with sheep cheese and potatoes and sage flavoured butter
€ 10,80

Spread plate

home-made potatoe spread and Liptauer (paprica) spread with dark bread and butter
€ 7,90

Chantarelles goulasch

with bread dumpling slices – vegan with potatoes instead of dumplings!
€ 16,40

Chantarelles risotto

vegan without Parmesan cheese
€ 14,10


Austrian pancake

comes with apricot jam
€ 4,60

Sweet dumplings

with plum jelly in bread crumbs roasted in butter
€ 6,10

Sweet dumplings

with nougat in bread crumbs roasted in butter
€ 6,10

Cream strudel

with vanilla sauce
€ 5,90

Warm lava chocolate cake

comes with lemon sorbet, cookie crumble and raspberry sauce
€ 6,90

Cheese platter

different sorts of cheese with fig mustard, jam from red onions, spread from raisins and sesame, and bread
€ 12,80

Hazelnut parfait

on homemade chocolate sauce and hazelnut brittle
€ 12,80

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